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👋 Dear developer or professional workspace,

Discover the ease with VirtualSpace. The perfect solution for developers and professional workspaces. VirtualSpace works with a 'Deep Freeze' mechanism. It creates a snapshot of your current environment and saves it on your hard drive. From that point forward, all of the tasks and changes that take place on your computer will revert after you simply restart your computer! Learn more about our mechanisms.

With VirtualSpace, you can securely test your new software in a hyper-realistic setting—your own PC. It offers 100% safety with built-in safeguards against potential risks and data losses. ✌️


VirtualSpace is NOT a subscription-based service, nor is it a cloud service. Virtualspace (VS) aims to provide all of their valuable customers with full control over their own financial transactions by not enforcing recurring subscriptions on their cards. Customers must manually renew their license for a 'X' duration. Importantly, VirtualSpace doesn't store data in the cloud; instead, it keeps all of the information on the user's local disk, minimizing the risk of potential data leaks and enhancing the users privacy, and GDPR compliance.

Learn more about VirtualSpace.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Good product for a good price

price and quality ratio for this product is on point. I appreciate and like the professionalism for their support, who helped me with various questions and issues. Would definitely recommend this to developers that are seeking for safety nets, with advanced projects, like myself.

Works perfect

Decided to buy lifetime after buying several durations multiple times. This lifetime deal is insanely good for the people that are looking for a long term solution like this. The installation and guidance is clear, and the product works as intend!

Review from belgium

VirtualSpace is awesome. Period.

Mason Moore
Very great!

I recently started using VirtualSpace, and it has been great. The snapshot feature is super useful, and it’s so nice not having to worry about permanent changes. It’s perfect for my coding projects.

Aidan Wilson
Added to my toolkits

Honestly, Virtualspace has been one of the best tools I have added to my toolkit. The peace of mind it gives is me while testing is worth every penny!