About us

Welcome to verse,

Verse started as a private project back in 2019. After that we decided to launch for the public, which was the best thing that could've happened. Verse has a team of 20 supporters, 1 manager, and 2 developers keeping the products up-to date.

Verse is known of its customer support being top-notch. We have heard a lot of positive messages about our customer support, especially lately. Verse is one of the best places you can go with your slow PC to make it run like a beast again. Or to simply fix your issues.

The products being sold are privacy-focussed, and made for Gamers and creative people especially (e.g. video editing, etc) We have a couple of products for sale now. The best sellers are the PC Optimizations and mouse tweaks/configs. Also pc cloud computing is quite populair too.

Our customer base knows where to go, which products to pick. Since this is a shop specificaly for people that use those terms daily. This is what Verse is.

Our products are here to help people on their way to the top. We believe in top performance and fast action. Time = money in our opinion. Our products make sure the customer can perform the best and the quickest possible without obstacles on their way.

We support and respect tournament professional gamers, and video editors for professional youtube/tv, model design, and animation design. Our products are purely focussed on that.