We offer full refunds if our products didn't work. We believe in consumer rights and we believe in delivering a product that should work as advertised. If not, a full refund.


    Verse is known for their excellent support team. We find it very important that all our customers get helped fast, and get treated with respect. Every case same priority, no matter what.


    We strive for consumer easiness. We are aware of the fact that 55%+ of our customers are not experienced in software and Verse adapted on that perfectly. All instructions are very easy.


Are the products delivered instantanous?

100%. All our products & services are instantly delivered on the same checkout screen with the instructions and corresponding license key.

I do not see my payment method here?

In case you want to checkout with paypal, crypto or any other alternative, you could reach out to us via our ticket system and we will be happy to assist you.

How can I contact the Verse support team?

You can contact our support team by creating a ticket via our ticket system. We will aim for a maximum of 3 hours reply time, if not shorter.